Missing Plane

I don’t now how much of a story this has been, but locally it’s a big deal. a small airplane — a Twin Otter — left South Pol after refueling and didn’t get to its destination at Terra Nova Station. The rescue beacon is operating, but the weather near there has been too overcast to see a downed plane and too windy to try to land. The weather today will probably be better. The survival gear on the planes is top-notch, and we still have hope.
One of many news stories here.

It’s been easy for me to think of my time here as a lark, but this is still an isolated, desolate, dangerous place for many, and I should keep in mind that people are risking their lives every day to support my lark. South Pole isn’t much involved in the search and rescue mission, so the mood around here is that awkward mix that comes from knowing that something is terribly wrong, and there is almost nothing any of us can do.

Please keep the missing and their families in your hearts today.


6 responses to “Missing Plane

  1. The story of the downed twin otter made some of the major news outlets, like the BBC. I also saw it mentioned on a widely-read pilot’s blog (pprune.org). Fingers crossed.

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