Holiday On Ice!

It’s Thursday, December 20th. And it’s not humpday yet.

My usual schedule is a six-day week, with Sunday off. Sunday is a bit slow, but goes quickly. I don’t lay abed, but get up about 7:30 or so. I suppose that is laying abed, since I’m usually up at 6:30 on work days. Brunch starts at 10:30, so I hang out in the galley, group-solve last week’s New York Times Sunday crossword, have coffee and cereal or something. The omelette line gets dreadfully long at the tick of 10:30, so trying to find the optimal time to jump up and get in line is fun. I usually just look to someone else who does the puzzle — she is good at that, so getting in line right behind her is a good strategy. And then I think the two or three people trigger the landslide. Volleyball at 2:00 and I’m not sure what happens to the hours between brunch and v-ball. Maybe a trip to the store and a trip to the post office and it can be 5:00 by then. Yikes. There’s a Sunday Science lecture some weeks, but there have been only two so far: one on meteorology and one about the history of neutrino hunting at South Pole.

But this week has a two-day holiday weekend! That would be the 24th and 25th, Monday and Tuesday. So it’s seven days on, two days off, and humpday somewhere around Friday or something. As is often the case, some people work on my weekend, so some folks in the galley have a nine-day week. So Sunday happens on Tuesday next week, kind of. Sunday will be Friday night, with people starting the two-day partying after work.

Sunday includes a Yankee Swap aka White Elephant. I got this at the IT department swap. I'm not sure I can bring myself to part with her, but she's been envied by many people coming by the office.

Sunday includes a Yankee Swap aka White Elephant. I got this at the IT department swap. I’m not sure I can bring myself to part with her, but she’s been envied by many people coming by the office.

Monday is the Race Around the World, a 1.75 mile fun jaunt. No centipede teams, like the Bay to Breakers, but there should be. Costumes, tricked-out vehicles, fun. I’ll be skiing and will get an official time, but won’t be racing. Christmas Dinner sounds wonderful, but the menu is still under wraps. The IT department has been helping with the meny layout, so I have the skinny, but I’m sworn to secrecy. I’ll report later. Tuesday, as I said, is when Sunday falls next week. So I expect Brunch, crossword, and volleyball.

Tuesday I’ll be co-hosting a Martin Gardner Celebration of Mind as the Sunday Science lecture. I think that’s the second on the continent, and the first at South Pole. We’ll have a presentation on Gödel’s incompleteness theorems, I’ll be presenting the not-yet-published Paper Pentasia paper that Robert Lang and I wrote. Vi Hart will be present in spirit and video to walk us through flexagons, Martin Gardner’s first Scientific American publication. I’m kind of worried about slim turn-out, but I expect it’ll be perfect for whomever shows.


2 responses to “Holiday On Ice!

  1. Great series of blog posts! What’s the route for the Race Around the World? I bet there are no nude racers, either.

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