How’s the Weather?

Here are a few decent websites with weather info for south pole.

The weather underground site is all-encompassing with observations, forecasts, and, towards the bottom of the page, an almanac that you can view either daily or monthly, giving you the high and low temps and the general weather condition for the day.

The NOAA site is packed full of science stuff that goes on at ARO. They also have links to weather here at pole. This is a good site for those who are truly geeky and want to about things like ozone and air particulates.

This is the National Weather Service site (NWS) that displays current and past observations for a given location. It is broken into plain language and the raw METAR observation code.

This site gives observational data and general forecast data. The forecast data is not all that reliable. There is a tab on this site that shows sun and moon data for the south pole, which is pretty cool to check out.

Another geeky site showing all kinds of data from around the continent. You can navigate this page to see satellite images, weather data from various stations and automated sites around the continent, etc. This page originates from the Univ. of Wisconsin-Madison, home of the Antarctic Meteorological Research Center and the main research university for Ice Cube.


2 responses to “How’s the Weather?

  1. So you haven’t talked about the moon because you won’t have a chance to see it until after noon on December 7th?

  2. Barry,

    I am enjoying reading your posts. Keep them up.

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    On Wed, Nov 28, 2012 at 7:31 PM, barryontheice

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