The workhorse cargo plane for South Pole. On a good day, there can be five or six from McMurdo and back carrying cargo and passengers.

I was reminded that pretty much everything at the South Pole got here by air. Planes take off from McMurdo with full tanks, and offload fuel here for us to use. They’re also the main transport for cargo and passengers. They are not huge, but are big.

The Dome has since been blowed up real good

Imagine designing the Elevated Station so all the parts fit into an airplane. Yikes.


3 responses to “Logistics

  1. Here’s a question for you. I understand that the new base (which reminds me, poignantly, of Building 20 at MIT) is aerodynamically sculptured in a way that is supposed to prevent or delay snow buildup. It’s been a few years now. Is that working?

  2. Hey Barry, Daniel and I are lying in bed pretending we are on the south pole looking into the sky (Due South, haha). And we want to know about the moon. Can you see the moon all the time? Where is it? I think it’s probably meandering around the horizon, up and down, but is it slower or faster than the sun? Daniel thinks you can’t see it at all… So we are confused. Please help.

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