Nov 3, 2012 o2 and pulse: 88 and 82

I’m sorry I didn’t get a photo of my o2 at 85 yesterday. And pulse 82 is a bit elevated, since I walked all the way from my desk to medical, about 20 yards.

The actual elevation here is about 9,300 feet. Pretty normal low air pressure makes it feel like 10,000. A bad low pressure system can make it feel like 12,000; I haven’t been there yet. This was earlier today; I’m sorry I didn’t get a picture of my previous reading of 86, dipping down to 85. I’m pretty sure that any of these readings would send me straight to the Emergency Department if they showed up anywhere stateside. And the pulse is up a bit as well; I usually peg in at 68 resting.
But all told, I’m feeling pretty good. I’ve been taking my altitude meds, and will continue until they run out. I’m not doing a lot of heavy lifting, but I get winded pretty easily. Today I walked to the bottom of the Beer Can and back, all the way from the second floor of the station. I believe that is 13 flights of 7 steps each. There are numbers on the steps in marker, starting at the bottom, but they only go up to 50 for some reason — I noticed them since I was counting. I also took my first visit outside, but that was opening the door, stepping out of the beer can, and stepping back in.


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