This was about all I could muster for Halloween. It looks pretty creepy.

It’s October 30th in California, but the 31st here, and not a lot of it left.

Halloween is a pretty big deal here at McMurdo. I think it’s the first big party of the winter-I-mean-summer, and I hear it’s part mating dance for people who are living here long time. The party happened on the Saturday before the 31st. None of the people I know who were scheduled to be flying to the pole that day had any interest. Two of us walked down to the big gym about 9 pm, walked around the room once, barely had our eyes adjust to the dark — it was blazing bright outside, remember — and left. I went to my room or maybe the coffee house. I didn’t see the judging, I didn’t have a drink, didn’t care. The winner was a stack of lost paperwork; the contractor changed this year, and there are a lot of growing pains.

We all have one thing on our minds: Get Me to The Pole.

I think that had we been at the pole on the 31st, we would have costumed up some. I would have. I have a few funny noses in my bag.


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