Luck of both kinds

People are jokingly superstitious about having flights to the pole actually work or not. Putting your key in the box in 140 before the transport to the strip calls you — bad mojo, your flight won’t go, someone will have to fish your key out. I think.

aka Diamox, vitamin D, The Tingler, Mox, Altoids, Alties

Diamox. Take? Don’t take?

I think I balanced out. I started taking the altitude meds this morning, which would be bad luck. But I put my towel in a dryer to make sure it wasn’t wet for the flight and left it in the dryer when I went to transport, which means my flight should have gone. Balanced.

I was also “that guy” at transport. For the flight, we need to be wearing all our Extreme Weather Gear. My googles goggles were nowhere to be found. That would have been bad. At breakfast someone else had mentioned that he had a spare pair, so he was my hero. And the delay gave me enough time to go to gear supply and get another pair of my own. Yay. I am not that guy tonight, I hope.


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