Monday Nothing, Tuesday Nothing …

The primary flights on Tuesday were to Casey, and were both cancelled.

Tuesday; We are waiting for news of when we transport. Again or maybe still.

I don’t want to give the impression that I’m unhappy or anything; this whole “I’m in Antarctica” thing isn’t getting old. I’ve taken a bunch of walks around, and it’s amazing. Those will be future blog postings. Even the waiting isn’t bad; it’s a bonding experience for us, and they picked people who can take not knowing what’s going to happen, and can take not having any control of the situation.

We certainly have no control of the situation. The two morning flights to Casey cancelled because of the weather. Casey is an Australian station, giving new meaning to “down under”. That made P002’s departure TDB! The weather at South Pole is clear. It’s so clear that P003, a cargo flight, left at 8:14. Wait, a cargo flight? Hey hey hey! That’s about as close as we’ve been. The other Herc had a mechanical failure. And that remains as close as we got.

Among other things, this means that something like 55 Australians are stranded here, which is probably a logistics nightmare: beds, food, soap in the store. I had to direct someone to Skua, and I bet that is pretty well stripped. [Suka post soon! Promise!] And the poor saps landed on Monday, and both bars were closed. Very little is as scary as fifty sober Australians. [It’s now Tuesday, so tonight we’ll have fifty drunk Australians, and that might be worse.]

I’m back in the Coffee House, and as far as I can tell there are no Australians here. They do not serve alcohol here.

What does the future hold? We are a secondary for tomorrow early, something like 8:00. We are a primary for tomorrow about 19:00. I forget what the meteorologist said he expected to see at South Pole tomorrow, but it doesn’t matter. The last we heard all three Hercs have mechanical issues, and there have to be two working Hercs to send any — they need one to fly and one for Search and Rescue if the first one needs searching or rescuing. We are supposed to be at the Bag Drag — building 140 — at 7:00 tomorrow, all ready to fly, in our gear, with our bags packed and dressed in the Extreme Cold Weather gear. Unless the board says otherwise.

And see the top again: I’m happy. This isn’t bitching, this is just talking.


One response to “Monday Nothing, Tuesday Nothing …

  1. I got to bed about 21:00, and woke up about 4:30. No way I was getting back to sleep before I saw the scroll, and found out what was happening. All the Herc flights were scratched. I ate breakfast and made myself busy helping to inventory big boxes of food.
    We might get out tomorrow, if they can fix one Herc and decide to start sending people to pole on Baslers or Twin Otters. The last time I flew on a Twin Otter it was out of Lebanon, NH, and it was 40 below. It’s warmer here.

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