Bag Drag

All my stuff; after

All the things I’m taking, but packed into two bags.

All that stuff I was carrying fit into a couple of bags. They were with me in Christchurch, and in addition I got all the Extreme Weather Gear, another bag, but I had to be wearing that for the flight to McMurdo. I foolishly added three bottles of duty-free liquid trade goods to what I was carrying.

Repacking for the flight to McMurdo, I had one carry-on and the boomerang bag; if the flight came back to Christchurch, those would be all I had. But when we hit McMurdo, all my bags were there to meet me at Bag Drag. At that point, I was planning [in some technical sense only] on being at Mac Town one night, and on my way the next day at 9:00. A couple days, tops.

And so: another repack. Things got palletized that I didn’t take with me. Aside from the misguided liquor, I had my computer bag — which is not going on a plane without me — and a few days of clothing, toiletries, and medications. There isn’t a good list, like when you send the kids off to summer camp. A towel would have been a good idea, since the linens they supply didn’t include that. Soap, too, would have been nice. By the time I found this out, the store had closed, and I was pretty tired and stinky.

In any case, with me now is enough to get me through. I have a couple of pair of underwear, a couple of Aloha shirts, all the Extreme Weather Gear. And shorts. But it’s only about forty here now, so a good hat, a Big Red parka, and shorts are plenty for just a quick walk between buildings. Oh, and “forty” means — of course — below. Nobody would bother to say “below” here. And I’ve gotten a few things from Skua [yes, that’s a tease for a later post]. Well, more than a few things, and I hope not too many things. Many will go back to Skua when I leave McMurdo, and probably some of the things I am carrying will go to Skua at South Pole.

Final result: I’m jazzed, I want to be there. I packed poorly, but probably not disastrously.


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