email, phone to the south pole

I am and will remain, and +1 650 269 3552 is still my phone number.

Thanks to Google Voice, I will be able to pick up voice mail and even text SMS messages, but “pick up” is the operative part. There’s a communications satellite in [wait for it] a polar orbit that comes over every day, making a nine-hour window for phone and data connections, with low bandwidth, and with worse connectivity around the edges. The window shifts four minutes earlier each pass. And as you might expect, real science has priority.

I should have worked harder to keep my spam down, shouldn’t I.


2 responses to “email, phone to the south pole

  1. South Pole Station is on New Zealand time. I’ll be up about 6am and to bed about 11, I would guess. But sleep may prove elusive.

    In any case, I won’t be actually getting phone calls, just picking them up.

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